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Surrogate Tapping Works!

A nursing baby cries for his/her mother after being away from "Mom" too long. No one can comfort this child. The mother asked me to surrogate tap for the baby since she was going to be away for 6 hours. Previous experiences revealed that the baby gets so stressed out and has anxiety when "Mom" is gone for extended periods of time.

I humbly accepted the opportunity. I knew the time frame "Mom" was going to be gone. I put my thoughts into what I felt the baby's emotional state would be in this situation. I began to tap for this child's past stress and anxious experiences when "Mom" has left. I also tapped in some positive thought/feelings for the baby.

I received a text the mother after she got home that evening. The baby never cried once and when she saw "Mom", she smiled and continued playing!!!! The mother was thoroughly convinced it was the surrogate tapping that gave her baby so much peace while she was away. What a relief for "Mom" and the baby!!

I have found that every time I surrogate tap for someone, or my animals, it works!!

(Shared with permission from the mother)

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